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Snapz Digital offers a number of packages easily tailored to the individual needs of clients, to facilitate the planning of an inspired event. These packages do vary in price depending on the event and relevant budget considerations.

A mandatory client orientation takes place well before the occasion to establish a working itinerary for the day. In doing so, the Snapz Digital team works to eradicate any potential difficulties while establishing the best method to achieve the best possible result.

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Snapz Digital understands the importance of a successful Golf Day. Behind the immediate challenge of the event lies a network of valued business relationships.

As such, Snapz Digital offers the ideal solution. A professional and comprehensive mobile photographic service is available to ensure your Golf Day is not only memorable, but creates a platform for longstanding business relationships.

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Your wedding day is likely one of the most important days of your life. Planning perfect moments is a time consuming affair, moments you cherish in memory long after.

Snapz Digital aims to capture the magical moments of a wedding so these memories may be relived. Our photographers use traditional portraiture as well as digital photography to translate a wedding dream into photographic treasures that endure through the years.

Tablet Touch Events

Snapz Digital honors the requirements of a corporate event. Entrepreneurs aim to communicate the value of their business relationships by honoring their investments.

Thus such events require photography of high impact, a standard that Snapz Digital can deliver.

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A happy occasion is best celebrated with family and friends. Snapz Digital values every opportunity to capture the joy of such gatherings offering premium service whatever the need.

Enquire about our professional packages catering for all events, large or small.