Snapz Digital is a comprehensive photography and video studio dedicating to capturing the memories of life’s most precious moments. From corporate videos to product commercials; corporate events to staff gatherings; weddings to birthdays, and so much more, Snapz Digital documents your memories to immortalise them on print or video. A strong work ethic and a creative approach distinguished the agency as a photography studio like no other. Central to the company’s philosophy is a strong focus on photography as an intricate process - not only the production of images but also the many elements involved in providing complete customer satisfaction. For those who value a personal approach, developing strong working relationships with clients is part of the Snapz Digital creative process.

The experience of photography in the 21st century is evolving and Snapz Digital is determined to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing progression of digital photography, evident in the company’s extensive referral base and clientele. In essence, Snapz Digital is consistent in enforcing the reputation of a company that may be entrusted to deliver on all requirements and projects of any scope or size- characteristics that place Snapz Digital in unparalleled esteem.


When the lights and the music fade, all the many hours of planning vanished in the echoed wake of laughter and celebration…only memories remain. These are the moments that illustrate the story of your life in such vivid colours, forever treasured in your memory. Our intention is that these memories should never fade. Our purpose is that you possess a worthy tribute to the joy of these moments. This is your story…